The beautiful Kugler property pictured here is across the street from our Nancy Conger West Brook Preserve in West Milford, which contains the headwaters of the West Brook. The new 43-acre parcel is home to a vital feeder stream leading into the brook, and also includes a pond with a dam that we will need to remove in order to restore the stream and wetlands.

The West Brook is a major source of clean water for the Wanaque Reservoir, which 2 million New Jersey residents rely on for drinking. This fall we completed an ambitious restoration project that returned the diverted stream back to its historical channel. Now a steady stream of cold, clean water flows into the reservoir during dry periods, erosion will be reduced, native plant species will flourish, and the brook has once again become a healthy habitat for the imperiled eastern brook trout.

But there's more work to be done. Acquiring the Kugler property will prevent development in this sensitive area, buffering an important water source and habitat for native plants and animals. We are poised to take this on, but we need to raise $97,500 for the purchase and $50,000 for the restoration. Happily, an anonymous couple and Bill Conger, Nancy Conger’s husband, are donating $20,000 in “seed money” to get this project started.

You are part of a passionate community of people committed to preserving New Jersey’s natural spaces, and you can ensure this critical piece of property is available for everyone to enjoy for generations to come. Together we can protect the West Brook, now and for the future.

Join us in making this important conservation effort a reality. 

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